2017.08.20 – Club Loose II @ Midvale

WGFahrnbach_20170820_2514-6This event was easily the best one I’ve had the opportunity to make it to, which made me especially happy considering how far out of my way I was to get there. See, I live in Nashville, some 500 or so miles away from Midvale Speedway. I didn’t exactly make a 500 mile drive for the sole purpose of shooting a drift event, but the timing for the visit was less than coincidental.

There’s not too much evidence of it here on this site, but I’ve shot drift events at Midvale since 2012. Not every single one, and not always very well, but I did. It was drift events like Club Loose that got me so involved as a photographer, and I try to make it to the local ones whenever I can make the time, as drift and automotive photography is still the very core of my photography experience.

WGFahrnbach_20170820_0420-2-2Of all the Club Loose events that I’ve made it to over the years, this one was not only the best attended, but also the most insane. Not even at Formula Drift have I seen large group tandems, let alone as rowdy as the ones that went down at this particular event. I couldn’t even photograph them properly as I’m somewhat lens-challenged at the moment (I’m sure there’s some video footage on YouTube by now). Being out in the midfield at a track with 5 cars getting sideways just yards away is just awesome. I’d definitely rather be out there in the midst of it than up in the stands watching; though I’ll admit since I was visiting, I did spend the latter half of the event hanging out with folks I get to see maybe twice a year (if I’m lucky).

I’ll be hitting another event here in Nashville on the 18th of November, hosted by Slammedenuff and Turismo Drift, if you’re in the area and want to check it out, head on over to turismodrift.com and pick up your tickets! There are shots from an earlier Turismo Drift event on the Drift Events page!

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