The photos in this collection are part of a study of using panoramic photo techniques with multiplicity (including the same subject(s) in a scene multiple times. 01 - Ducks.jpgThis first photo probably isn’t the best example of either technique, and also features a lazily inserted foreground (covering up the fact that I missed a spot when shooting the lower part of the scene…).

02 - Kris.jpgThe above was actually the first one I shot for this little study.

03 - Quinn.jpgThis shot probably has the most impact of the set (if you think I’m wrong, let me know and tell me why). The gallery here is by MTSU student Cadie Davis, and is titled Dysmorphic, a study on Body Dysmorphic Disorder – essentially a reflection on the all-to-common poor self-image that’s not helped any by the commercialized standards of beauty. Yeah. The mannequin is a symbol of exactly that (don’t look away).

04 - Kirikirimai.jpgI was so lucky that the driver of the Mustang convertible decided to make a full loop around for whatever reason. The original idea for this was to use the inside of the parking garage, but I don’t have easy access to one where you can clearly see to lower  or opposite levels.

05 - Scale.jpgAnother not so great example that I plan to play with some more later. Better lighting and/or longer exposures would probably help…

06 - Zebra.jpgThis last one, I think, is the most fun of the set. We’ve had this little guy on a shelf for as long as I can remember, we even have the original box and winding key!

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