The Hunt for… Blur?

This weekend’s, and my very first blog post on my very own website starts out like I’m certain many of them will in the near future – assignments. I am a student of photography, so it’s only natural that the majority of my assignments are of a photographic nature. I think it’s only fair that I share some of what I’m being taught along the way. Note, I don’t say “what I’m learning” since I’ve actually been doing many of these things for years. So much that a few of them come as second nature, which is the case with today’s topic. Creative blur.

Long exposure and motion photography are by far my favorite types, so I always love the opportunity to explore them more, and in different ways. My digital photography assignment for this weekend allowed such an opportunity, although my execution may have been a bit restrained due to my film photography assignment, which focused on people. Portraits are easily my least favorite type of photography, but that blog will comeĀ another day, probably as I attempt to play catch-up with earlier work of mine on this site.

So, let’s dig into the good stuff.

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